March 28, 2016

Got a couple little things listed on Etsy today

Got a couple little things listed on Etsy today! Any suggestions for some other stuff I can list? I'm trying to have supplies to make stuff but not get a bunch of stuff to have to store around the house so I am listing a few things and offering custom orders. I think the tote bag I monogrammed is beautiful but I don't want to store 50 tote bags that might not sell. I guess I need to figure out the trick to that balance. I am loving instagram right now. I had never played with it much till about 2 days ago. I have learned about using hashtags! Who knew?!

This is the screen shot of the couple of items I have started with today. You can go to the actual site using the link on the right. Check out my Instagram by clicking the link on the left. Pretty sure I have a link to my Pinterest somewhere on one side as well.

Hope everybody had a great Easter!

Forgot to tell everybody! We are attempting to hatch our own eggs. I got tired of trying to catch them in the store and them not being the kind we really wanted. I don't know how successful we will be but I have high hopes.

March 27, 2016

New Embroidery Machine! Going To Sell Some Stuff!

Here she is ladies and gentlemen! My new embroidery machine. I hope to make her pay for herself.

Here are some of the things I have created so far.

Ok, I learned how to make a collage too, lol!

Kitchen towel

Morale Patch


This is a Filson bag of my husbands

Pleather tote bag

Another T-shirt


Baseball style t-shirt for a friend

Daughter's stuffed dog

Another daughter's diddy bag

Key fobs made from baseballs

Revamped patch

If you don't already know, you just won't get it!


If anybody wants something, let me know!

We shall see how my new baby performs

March 20, 2016

Guess what I got?!

Yes. My teenage daughter did take this picture. How did you guess?

Here is what I have been doing!

The brown bag is my husband's waxed tin cloth bag by Filson. Baseball style t-shirt was my friends, and the bottom 4 items are a vest, 2 t-shirts, and a tote bag for me. I need to be a walking advertisement if I am going to sell something, right?

This is my daughter's 

This is also for one of my daughters

What do you think? I think I am ready to take over the world! LOL!

I am the woman to contact if you need embroidery done!

August 22, 2015

Seeking thoughts

The kids have went back to school but technically, they started school because they are going to a new school for them. Anyway, they are already, all 3 involved in an athletic activity which keeps me running. I have been thinking for a long while, that I might like to try painting furniture to sell. I enjoy doing it and even finding pieces to do it to, I just don't know if there is much of a market for it in my area and I don't really have a place to do it. I could clean out the detached garage but it isn't weather proof and isn't heated or air conditioned so that would really limit my productivity. (Let's face it. I'm not the most productive in the best of conditions, lol!) I think I have room in my sewing room. I'll just have to get a few pieces and try and see how it works out. Each of the girls wants their dressers painted so that would be a great trial, I guess. My husband says I should sell these

It's a darts scoreboard. I made him this one for his "man shed" per his request and he says he thinks I could sell them like hotcakes. I just don't know if my creative beast could be tamed with too many of these. Is there really a market for it? What do you think?

Interested in how I made this one? I picked up a cut piece of plywood that was left over from the cabinet door we built, painted it with chalk paint, created the scoreboard, title, and image using my silhouette, cut it out, stuck it on, and added a thin piece of wood at the bottom for the chalk to lay on (Not pictured because I didn't have it on yet when I took the pic) and called it done. He didn't want a hanger on the back so we just screwed it to the wall directly.

June 30, 2015

Hello all! A lot has been going on around the old homestead. Lots of building - Porch for hubby's shed quarters, garden shed, pool deck. Then there was replacing pool pump, replacing pool filter and pump and plumbing with PVC then getting said pool fit to swim in. And tonight, I decided that 1:00 am was a great time to make some soap! I haven't made soap in ages and we really needed some. I'll let you know how it goes!

April 23, 2015

Finally getting around to the big reveal!

OK, so no excuses here for my truant behavior. I'll just get to the point. I FINALLY got everything in my sewing/craft room. Well, a sneak peak anyway. I just realized I haven't taken a full set of pics. OOPS! Sorry. I'll update that as soon as I get my seed starting rack out of there :)

January 28, 2015


Got the floors done yesterday. Got all my shelves assembled. Everything is arranged and ready for my "stuff". I just have to get my husband to help me carry in and put my craft table top on.
Cubbies, cubbies, and more cubbies

Craft table without top on yet. Also, more shelves.

Action shot, lol!

Sewing "station" (And yes, more cubbies, LOL!)

January 25, 2015

Learning Curve!

Was playing with settings and got my post dates all messed up. Sorry bout that. I managed to get them back in order but the dates are all wrong, LOL! Found this super handy site tonight which is what got me playing with settings. Check it out if you are new to setting up a blog. It is very enlightening.

Goodnight guys!

*Update* Sewing/Craft Room (or should I call it a studio?)

OK, so, I haven't heard from the flooring guys yet but they did say it would probably be around the 27th before they could come. My goal was to get the room emptied and painted before they came and you saw the amount of stuff I had in there. Well, I am proud to announce, I did it! Yay me! I tried to take some photos of the paint color for you but it turns out it is REALLY difficult to get accurate colors. I tried and came very close in a couple. I also went ahead and painted the trim while it was easy to get to. It was white already but I repainted in a high gloss white and I have to say it is subtle but lovely. The plus side is that I love the look of old house trim where there are no sharp edges because the layers of paint from over the years have begun to round everything off. And my little secret, I have quit taping all together when I paint a room and I LOVE that! Just get good at cutting, keep a wet cloth with you for drips, and be careful rolling next to the trim. Speeds the whole thing up SOOOO much!

Too shadowed

This is a pretty good shot but it is a little washed out and looks paler than it really is by just a hair

too blue except for towards the top of the wall. I didn't repaint the trim inside the doorway because the plan is to put french doors there so I will have to redo it anyway after the install

This is probably the closest to the actual color. It is a beautiful duck egg / french country type of pale greenish blue.
 Now I just need the floors and outstanding patience for constructing all the shelving and then organizing and......whew! Still more to do than I thought, LOL!

In case you were wondering, I only used one gallon of Olympic One in eggshell from Lowes for the walls and it did a great job covering the mustardy yellow and crayon and gouges and spray texture etc. that was there before. The color was veridian green. At one time, this room was a playroom. A disaster of a playroom but a playroom. Also, we have orange peel texture on our walls so if you patch with Spackle, you have obvious spots where the texture is gone. They make this spray that I think is drywall mud watered down, to spray on the wall and restore the texture. It has made a huge difference in my paint finishes. I may skip sparkle for any small stuff like nail holes in the future and just spray the area. I do recommend priming over the spray because even though there is primer in the paint I used, if the sun shines down the wall, you can kinda see where I sprayed it. If I had done another coat, it might have made all the difference in the world but, hey, it's me and I like to call a job done, LOL! It does not show unless the light is directly on it.

And what should I call this room. There will be lots of different crafts going on in here but sewing in one form or another, will be the main one. My yarn for knitting and crochet will be stored in here but I mostly sit in the living room to work on that. It is a very portable craft. I have a silhouette cutter that I mostly do vinyl stuff with and then all the little crafty stuff like hair bows, bottle caps, paracord, repurposing stuff into new stuff. You get the idea. Sewing room just doesn't cover it all. Any thoughts?

More updates soon!

January 16, 2015

Craft Room Move Part II

It seems entirely appropriate that having not blogged in a very long time, it would be about the same thing, LOL! Who'd a thunk it?!

Here's the deal. Craft room moved. Old news. New news you ask? Let me start by saying that, for future reference, if you were to say, rip all the carpet out of your house except maybe for your craft room, and let's pretend you have 2 dogs who are total divas. Did you know that, apparently, when you leave your dogs in the house while you are gone, they think carpet is grass? Or they just really don't like me!

But I digress.

Things that are done
1. Purchase massive amounts of cubby style shelves, in white, for more organized storage and as table bases
2. Purchase another hollow core door to go with the one I already have and create an L shaped sewing desk to fit all 4, yes I said 4, machines (count them - 1. sewing 2. serger 3. embroidery 4. coverstitch)
3. Purchase plywood and boards for crafting table top
4. Paint everything a lovely gloss white so it all matches and makes a clean background for my chaos

Checklist of things to be done
1. Get contents of sewing room out to storage building temporarily while walls are painted and floors are done
2. Purchase and wait on the set-up of said storage building
3. Paint walls - I have it. I just need the room emptied to work
4. Put together multiple sets of cubicles
5. Put beautiful new sewing / crafting room together and decorate

*Bonus content* Perhaps blogging about the transformation will "encourage" me to use my nice Nikon camera and actually take photos of the progress. Let's go see what I can capture right now. You know, the best time of night to take indoor pics, right?

LOL! This is going to be fun!

Shots of the disastrous areas as they are right now.

silhouette cutter
(that isn't my main sewing machine. That is what I used before I got my main one and decided to keep the old one to pass on to which ever of my daughters decides they need one)
Fabrics, knitting/crochet supplies
Window, stuff, nighttime :)
Stuff (there is my coverstitch machine and soap cutter)
Shiny craft table top and covered embroidery machine 
That blurry area in the back is my dining room
 Evidence of the work that has already occurred

Look how shiny my craft table is!

 Carpet/grass - this embarrassingly disgusting stuff will be G-O-N-E

There is some food for thought. Once progress actually starts, I will put up action shots.