January 25, 2015

*Update* Sewing/Craft Room (or should I call it a studio?)

OK, so, I haven't heard from the flooring guys yet but they did say it would probably be around the 27th before they could come. My goal was to get the room emptied and painted before they came and you saw the amount of stuff I had in there. Well, I am proud to announce, I did it! Yay me! I tried to take some photos of the paint color for you but it turns out it is REALLY difficult to get accurate colors. I tried and came very close in a couple. I also went ahead and painted the trim while it was easy to get to. It was white already but I repainted in a high gloss white and I have to say it is subtle but lovely. The plus side is that I love the look of old house trim where there are no sharp edges because the layers of paint from over the years have begun to round everything off. And my little secret, I have quit taping all together when I paint a room and I LOVE that! Just get good at cutting, keep a wet cloth with you for drips, and be careful rolling next to the trim. Speeds the whole thing up SOOOO much!

Too shadowed

This is a pretty good shot but it is a little washed out and looks paler than it really is by just a hair

too blue except for towards the top of the wall. I didn't repaint the trim inside the doorway because the plan is to put french doors there so I will have to redo it anyway after the install

This is probably the closest to the actual color. It is a beautiful duck egg / french country type of pale greenish blue.
 Now I just need the floors and outstanding patience for constructing all the shelving and then organizing and......whew! Still more to do than I thought, LOL!

In case you were wondering, I only used one gallon of Olympic One in eggshell from Lowes for the walls and it did a great job covering the mustardy yellow and crayon and gouges and spray texture etc. that was there before. The color was veridian green. At one time, this room was a playroom. A disaster of a playroom but a playroom. Also, we have orange peel texture on our walls so if you patch with Spackle, you have obvious spots where the texture is gone. They make this spray that I think is drywall mud watered down, to spray on the wall and restore the texture. It has made a huge difference in my paint finishes. I may skip sparkle for any small stuff like nail holes in the future and just spray the area. I do recommend priming over the spray because even though there is primer in the paint I used, if the sun shines down the wall, you can kinda see where I sprayed it. If I had done another coat, it might have made all the difference in the world but, hey, it's me and I like to call a job done, LOL! It does not show unless the light is directly on it.

And what should I call this room. There will be lots of different crafts going on in here but sewing in one form or another, will be the main one. My yarn for knitting and crochet will be stored in here but I mostly sit in the living room to work on that. It is a very portable craft. I have a silhouette cutter that I mostly do vinyl stuff with and then all the little crafty stuff like hair bows, bottle caps, paracord, repurposing stuff into new stuff. You get the idea. Sewing room just doesn't cover it all. Any thoughts?

More updates soon!

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