January 16, 2015

Craft Room Move Part II

It seems entirely appropriate that having not blogged in a very long time, it would be about the same thing, LOL! Who'd a thunk it?!

Here's the deal. Craft room moved. Old news. New news you ask? Let me start by saying that, for future reference, if you were to say, rip all the carpet out of your house except maybe for your craft room, and let's pretend you have 2 dogs who are total divas. Did you know that, apparently, when you leave your dogs in the house while you are gone, they think carpet is grass? Or they just really don't like me!

But I digress.

Things that are done
1. Purchase massive amounts of cubby style shelves, in white, for more organized storage and as table bases
2. Purchase another hollow core door to go with the one I already have and create an L shaped sewing desk to fit all 4, yes I said 4, machines (count them - 1. sewing 2. serger 3. embroidery 4. coverstitch)
3. Purchase plywood and boards for crafting table top
4. Paint everything a lovely gloss white so it all matches and makes a clean background for my chaos

Checklist of things to be done
1. Get contents of sewing room out to storage building temporarily while walls are painted and floors are done
2. Purchase and wait on the set-up of said storage building
3. Paint walls - I have it. I just need the room emptied to work
4. Put together multiple sets of cubicles
5. Put beautiful new sewing / crafting room together and decorate

*Bonus content* Perhaps blogging about the transformation will "encourage" me to use my nice Nikon camera and actually take photos of the progress. Let's go see what I can capture right now. You know, the best time of night to take indoor pics, right?

LOL! This is going to be fun!

Shots of the disastrous areas as they are right now.

silhouette cutter
(that isn't my main sewing machine. That is what I used before I got my main one and decided to keep the old one to pass on to which ever of my daughters decides they need one)
Fabrics, knitting/crochet supplies
Window, stuff, nighttime :)
Stuff (there is my coverstitch machine and soap cutter)
Shiny craft table top and covered embroidery machine 
That blurry area in the back is my dining room
 Evidence of the work that has already occurred

Look how shiny my craft table is!

 Carpet/grass - this embarrassingly disgusting stuff will be G-O-N-E

There is some food for thought. Once progress actually starts, I will put up action shots.

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