March 28, 2016

Got a couple little things listed on Etsy today

Got a couple little things listed on Etsy today! Any suggestions for some other stuff I can list? I'm trying to have supplies to make stuff but not get a bunch of stuff to have to store around the house so I am listing a few things and offering custom orders. I think the tote bag I monogrammed is beautiful but I don't want to store 50 tote bags that might not sell. I guess I need to figure out the trick to that balance. I am loving instagram right now. I had never played with it much till about 2 days ago. I have learned about using hashtags! Who knew?!

This is the screen shot of the couple of items I have started with today. You can go to the actual site using the link on the right. Check out my Instagram by clicking the link on the left. Pretty sure I have a link to my Pinterest somewhere on one side as well.

Hope everybody had a great Easter!

Forgot to tell everybody! We are attempting to hatch our own eggs. I got tired of trying to catch them in the store and them not being the kind we really wanted. I don't know how successful we will be but I have high hopes.

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