February 02, 2014


OK, so today I have played around with my settings a little bit and it is beyond frustrating for someone who doesn't know anything about how to work with this format. I want to create my own header and apply different colors, etc. Well, I have adjusted a few things but I am very limited in what I can do. I designed a great header but I can't use it. I'll keep playing. In the mean time…..
Super bowl is sucking! Payton is having a crappy game so far. It's like he is playing for the National Championship all over again! GRRRR!!!
I have an apron cut out. I just need to get the bias binding ironed and formed. I have a fancy little gadget for that. Makes it go soooo fast! No burning your fingertips either! Has anybody seen these?

I love it!

I'll post pics of the apron once I get her done.

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