February 01, 2014

I have moved back to Blogger

I have been using a Weebly blog for the last little bit but I am coming back here now because I went to update my domain name and Weebly now wants to charge $3.95 a month to let you use your own domain name. Now, this isn't expensive but I already pay for the domain name and can host it here free. It is kind of a "Doh!" moment. Weebly is a bit easier to use with drag and drop boxes for what you want to do but this isn't rocket surgery guys! I can do this way too! Now, just to get the domain up and pointing to the correct place. That's the most complicated part and there are tutorials here on blogger about just how to do this. Here goes…..

An update on what is actually going on here at the farm is that I am making soap and sewing aprons! No pics of aprons yet because I still trailing different patterns but here is a couple pics of my pumpkin pie soap!

I will update more later!

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