February 10, 2014

Moved Craft Room

I just moved my sewing/craft room out of our 4th bedroom into our 3rd living room. I never understood why we had 3 living rooms and I decided to take over the least used one. My daughters were only too happy to have their "own" rooms. We shall see, lol! It is still a wreck right now but just getting everything transferred took 5 days. Who knew I had managed to stuff that much into one room? No wonder I could never keep it picked up enough to actually work in. I am going to share some pics and let me tell you, I would never let anyone see my house like this normally……please be gentle, lol!
Random craft supplies
Fabrics, yarn and supplies
Just moving around the room, lol!
Ironing and cutting island, sewing machine in background (I have no idea how I am going to plug the iron in yet!)
Better shot of the sewing machine area
Cutter and stuff
The sewing machine
Corner where everything is that still needs to go on the other bookcase I still need to get
Embroidery machine, serger, and cover stitch machine with sheet rock in the background that was purchased for a project in the house about 2 years ago and never got used.

So, there you have it. My insane amount of stuff that no one should ever possess! Does anyone else have this much stuff? There is still a love seat and very large and heavy old fashioned big screen to get out of here as well that should free up some more floor space. One day, I may repaint and other decorating things but right now, I'm just happy everything is in there. I'll update if I ever get close to a finished product. Have a great night!

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