December 19, 2011

I finally have a tiny bit of creativity to show off! 1st off is a custom request cloth doll that the mother had saved her 2 favorite baby blankets of her daughter's to do something with one day. Her daughter is in the 3rd grade now so she had hung on to these blankets for a long time and then gave me the honor of being the one to create something special. I was very nervous about cutting into this project, as you can imagine, but I think she turned out beautiful. What do you think?
 Next is my Christmas tree (you can't really see how much blue is in there but bare with me, I am still learning to take pics) and the tree skirt that I made out of felt and a sheet set from Wal-Mart. I actually broke down and bought the AccuQuilt Go Baby fabric cutter for the circles. I was going for a retro look this year and I think I nailed it! Don't you think it is weird that all the colors they have out for Christmas decor now is really TOTALLY retro but everybody thinks it is new and unique? They should check out some old family pics to see what it was like in the "old days" :)

Merry Christmas!!!

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