December 15, 2011

New Machine!!!

My old embroidery machine, a Baby Lock Ellure ESL (purchased used as my first) has been getting more and more finicky and it finally said "I'll not let another needle live". So, what did I ask for for Christmas you may ask? Why a new embroidery machine of course! I have been drooling over some high end Brother models and of course the professional models but as I looked at my poor Baby Lock I thought to myself "self, you just don't have room for the big machine. You really don't." So, I began searching on Google for a model that would work for me. I wanted Brother because all the patterns I already have, including designs and the Monogram Wizard Plus program, accept PES just like my BL did and since BL and Brother have merged, the machines are essentially the same with BL just a tad more expensive. I was OK with the 5x7 size since the only thing I really wanted the larger size for in the past were in the hoop projects which if I am completely honest with my self, are easier to just sew and add embroidery if you want. I did want USB connectivity because my ESL used PED Basic to transfer designs and that gadget plus a blank card was over $100 and I was afraid if it broke, it would take me awhile to get another and who wants to pay that again anyway. So, the search was on. One website I found sent me to Amazon to find Brother machines. My brother dealer is over an hour from my house and that is the closest machine store to me. (I think the website was sponsored by Amazon but I didn't care since it is almost impossible to find new machines for sale online) As I read the comparison of machines, I realized that a embroidery only machine was the way to go for me. Less cost for all the features I wanted and I have a wonderful Bernina sewing machine so I didn't need that anyway. Weeelllll......drumroll...........I got the PE770!
Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine with USB Memory-Stick Compatibility
OMG!!! I didn't realize how bad my BL had gotten or just how easy it could be. My key fobs that I add initials too always took at least 5 minutes and I kid you not......2 min....That is the time the machine said and  I swear, it was less. I did a pocket book intial and it only took the 15 minutes that the machine said it would! I have never finished a bag in that amount of time! AWESOME!!!! And you know what else, I didn't have to re-thread except once because of a goof on my part, and not one needle break!!! I'm loving this. I will update you all later :)

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