January 17, 2011

Curlformers and Snowdays!

Guess who got a new camera for Christmas!!!! You guessed it! And, now I am going to post some fun we had here last week when we got a ton of snow (for this area anyway) and the girls were out of school for the whole week.
I sometimes read a few blogs about fixing girls hair since I have 3 and am not very savvy about that stuff. I was reading the blog "http://www.babesinhairland.com/" and the mom there was talking about these Curlformers. Well, since she shows actual pics of the results and gives an honest review, unsolicited by the company, I said "we have got to try these!" So I ran right out to our local Sally Beauty Supply and bought the kit. These things aren't cheap but they looked like a lot of fun. There is a video on the actual site that shows how easy they are to use and to be honest, after you figure out just how much hair to use in each one, it is pretty accurate. So, lets start with DD #1 who just turned 8. The pics of her are the day after we did hers and she even slept on her curls. Aren't they lovely? We might have to work on her enthusiasm now that I have a new camera, lol!

And DD #2 How cute is she!!!

And DD#3 - My little Angel!!! These are actually before, during, and after shots but I don't quite have the whole posting thing down quite right for some reason.

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