December 06, 2010

New Sewing Machine!!

Just a quick note to say YAY!!!! I am the proud new owner of a Bernina Aurora 430!!! I am soo excited, I have been circling it and sniffing it like it is some strange new animal in the forest. The things I like best, I tend to try to slip up on in case they try to get away. It took me 3 weeks to take my serger out of the box when I got it. I'm just weird that way I guess :)

Wish me happy stalking!!!!!!!

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  1. You posted on my blog (, asking which stabilizer I used for my key fobs. I wish I could tell you the brand I got. When a huge fabric store here was going out of business, I bought an entire bolt of this stiff stabilzer. I know that Pellon has very stiff stabilzers as well. If I find a brand or a name that works, I will let you know.