January 19, 2011

Laundry Tips

I am going to post something I commented on over at http://bridgetbaxter.blogspot.com/ regarding laundry tips for families with larger than average families. If you have a larger family, you will understand this post. With out fail, no matter how much laundry I manage to do, there is a massive pile, the likes to equal the summit of Everest, at all times at my house. If I spend a whole day and actually get somewhere close to the bottom of one of the different colored piles, there are items that go straight into tubs as off season. For example, I made it to the bottom of the red/pink/ orange pile (3 girls, don't forget :) and there was a pair of shorts of mine that I wore last probably some time in August. It is January now! See what I mean. Pathetic right? Any way, I have finally figured out a few things that I never thought anyone would care about but me until I saw that other great post and I thought "if it interests me and helps, others might be interested also!" She had a great tip about using all white towels for everything enabling the use of bleach and no need to figure out which towels go where. Awesome right! Here is the comment I left and copied and pasted from her great blog. It is a little long but it just kept flowing out of the dark corners of my mind so here you go.......Maybe this will help someone else :)

Well, I accidentally lost the copy so I can't paste it. I'll just list the tips, lol!

1. Don't fold socks. They all go in one basket and everyone fends for themselves. Bridget also does this as she wrote in her post. I add on to that....
2. Don't separate or fold underwear. It all goes in a basket also. Occasionally my 4 year old traipses through in my 8 year old's and the 5 year old one who is significantly larger than the 4 year old ends up in what looks like a ponytail holder wrapped around her but they mostly get it right.
5. PJ's all go in one basket too. I figure it doesn't matter if they get the fit wrong in PJ's.
6. I hang everything else up so no actual folding. Everyone gets a certain color hanger which makes it easier to keep everything separated. I even occasionally make them hang their own clothes up.

Hopefully some of these tips will make someone else's life easier. Maybe even enjoy laundry! Nah! Lets not go too far, ROFLOL!

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