January 16, 2010

Well, I promised myself I would post more so here goes.....

I am finally starting to tackle using my new coverstitch machine. Can I just say I am in love! I have already ordered 2 different binders and am searching for a feller but I am not sure if the ones I am finding on Ebay are OK to use with my machine. They say they are for Babylock but will fit any flatbed machine with screw holes. So does the big ole open line on the bed of my Brother constitute screw holes? I'm thinking they do but what do I know. I did figure out what the screw hole on the bed of my regular Janome sewing machine is for, duh! I just can't believe all the wondrous things my machines can do that I had no idea about. Don't you just love sewing :) Guess what else! My DH got me a new laptop! It doesn't get hot and shut down without warning or anything! It is huge but weighs less than my old one. It even has a number pad! He did really well with this puppy! My 4 yr old DD, Cassie, has been experimenting with scissors tonight. She was making snowflakes in the floor of my sewing room. She did really well for a kid whose momma has never let her even hold scissors before. They are beautiful. I won't talk about the mess in my floor, LOL! I may have next weeks new bedding for our hamster! If anyone wants to tell me about that mysterious slot on the bed of my coverstitch machine, I'm all ears.
Off to research some more and browse Ebay!

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