April 28, 2009

Just a random note.....

I have been working full time now since January after being a stay at home mom (mostly) for about a year and a half. I miss my girls, of course, but I also miss my sewing and crafting time. I have made so little lately, I am starting to forget how to do stuff. I don't like that. I need to get some new Traveling Satchels made. I have completely neglected that and I have signed up for the paid subscription to Artfire. Now, why would I do that? Just crazy I guess :) I definitely like AF better than Etsy. When I try to search for my stuff on Etsy, just trying to see how hard it is to find me, my stuff is lost in the massive collection of great items. On AF, I find my stuff right away. Right now, the girls and I are outside which is wonderful for playing and family time but not so great for sewing. Oh well. Since I am working now, I have more money for fabric! Have a great day :)

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