February 14, 2009

OK, I really am the worst!

OK, it's official. I am the worst blogger that ever there was! I'm OK with that though :) I have a busy life and when we aren't on the go, I am knitting, sewing, or deleting tons of emails. Every so often I actually think to sit down and jot a bit about the happenings around here, like today......
We are looking at furniture for the "computer room". It's a room back by our bedroom where, oddly enough, there is a computer but also a TV and X Box 360 (not my purchase :) It is our little retreat/hangout only the girls don't like us to go back there during the day with out them. Oh well. It is really nice in the evenings. If we get new furniture, I'll post pics. My DH is going to look at a storage building today for outside and we may get a pool this summer. Man, I will have to get much better at putting pics up, won't I? 

Talk to you soon!

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