January 19, 2009

WELL! I certainly am not a bad blogger! :)

OK, I am. I admit it. Since I have went to work FT, I am a pathetic excuse for a blogger. (Not that I was ever a good blogger, mind you) I don't have time to sew or craft, except on the weekend and that just isn't time to get much done, especially if you are fitting time with your family in also. I need a project to inspire me. I have made a little play felt food and I have a sock monkey started and almost done but I feel like I need a clothing sewing or knitting project to work on. I just can not stay up late like I could before I went back to work. It is amazing how poorly my brain functions the day after I go to bed late. So, what shall I knit? It is as cold as can be here. A hat, mittens, what do you think? I am kind of wanting to work on my monkey socks but that takes real commitment and I'm afraid that is something I just don't have the abilty to provide right now. Maybe I'll become a better juggler soon?

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