September 01, 2011

This is my new logo. Once again, the one craft show I have done every time for the last few years is coming up in 30 days and I have been inspired to re-invent my "store". This is my current version of my logo. What do you think? I am not even one of those people who are into hearts but for some reason, I am loving it. I have my own domain name and an online shopping cart at I don't have but a couple items there at this time but after my show.....(I need encouragement so I figure, typing it out my make it seem more real) My biggest problem with updating is taking pics of my products. I have come a very long way in the editing dept but, I just get tired of doing it before I get very far. It is exhausting to take all those pics to get the right shot and then still have to edit it too. This post will be my "prod" to make me be more focused.....after my sale! Have a great day!

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