March 29, 2011

Coming up with a plan!

OK, I have sat down tonight and tried to type up a plan to help me be a bit more organized about my crafting. I always either get so wrapped up in it, I stay up all night, or I completely ignore it for days at a time. Here is what I got so far....
     The First Attempt at a Plan! 
 1. Kids in bed by 8:30 M-F (This means, start before then to have them there BY 8:30). 
 2. Go to STUDIO and work until 10:30 M-F and then get ready for bed. 
 3. 2 Hours a night, 5 nights a week, should be enough to get stuff done if I am consistant! 
 4. Weekends? Devote Sat and Sun to family. If there is time left over in the evening…Go Create! 
 5. Track finances 
 6. Update shop at least once a week-Pick what day that will be and insert here > ______________ 
 7. Keep blogging and taking pics of the good stuff and bad stuff. Reflecting on the bad is educational.  

What do you think? Any suggestions?

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