April 13, 2011

Ummm, I'm going to have to sew! Sew like the wind!

Well, I have good news and bad news. I sold another one of my dolls! Yay! Miss Ellie is on her way to a new home and the bad news is that now Penelope is all alone :( I had only sewn up 3 dolls when I listed them because I had the chance to go ahead and take some pretty good pictures. My plan was to build up a nice inventory so there would be a lovely selection for people to browse and get an idea of what I could do. OOPS!

I have two new faces embroidered and the fabrics picked out but I just need the chance to go sew them. I figured out I could make faces while sitting in the X Box room (lol! I know exactly how that sounds!) since they are hand embroiderd, and the darling daughters would be supervised just enough to not tear the whole house down. I just need the chance to make the rest. I have ordered several summery colored sets of fat quarters for fresh new looks and some 100% wool to see how it compares to the 20% wool/ 80% rayon I am using now. It is still pilling just a bit on the ones I have given the girls and I prefer to offer a product that won't do that. It just looks bad.

On a different note, my 8 yr old is going to a luncheon and wants me to make her dress. I think I am going with a simple peasant dress style and I just have to get that going as well. I am excited about that one. I haven't made any clothes for the girls in a while but I'm sure after a size 14 (yes 14! for an eight year old!) I'll be ready to go back to little projects.

Lets talk zipper pouches....Fun, quick, instant gratification I tell ya! I have really neglected making wallets and bags. I need to get to that also if I ever want to do another craft show. People really like to look at that kind of stuff. I have never taken dolls to a show. I had never made one the last time I did it.

Speaking of craft shows (ADHD you think?) I am going to have to find someone appropriate to help me if I am ever going to do one again. It's almost as bad as finding a good husband! They need to be just the right kind of personality that you can get along with, even when it is sweltering hot. They have to be trustworthy with the money. And they have to be reliable. I can't sit and wait all day for someone who doesn't really want to be there to drop by so I can run to potty or get something to eat. You usually have to be set up before 8 or 9 am and I inevitably stay up very late the night before, if I sleep at all, to do final touches and I need someone who can help me lug my stuff and set up. Any applicants? LOL! It doesn't pay very well (unless you are selling something also) and, honestly, I am not great socially. I'm more awkward and uncomfortable than anything so, great people skills are a plus :)

One last thought of the day.....How do other moms do it all and make it look so easy? A full time job, 3 kids, and a desire to be creative and have it be recognized as worthy by being able to make things that others like enough to want to own, and have lovely clean houses that are photo worthy. It blows my mind, it really does. I do good to come home with the girls and not fall asleep drooling into my laptop! LOL! I need to work on that I guess. That will be my goal this year. (It only took me 4 and a half months to make a new year's resolution. Not to shabby if I do say so myself!)

Have a great day!

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