April 25, 2011

Irons, sweet irons....

I just posted this as comment on another blog and thought, "I should post this so if anybody is searching for reviews, they can find it".

Wow! Talk about timing, I have just ordered a new iron. I too was being drawn to Rowenta until I read reviews. After all, they are sold in all the chain crafty stores so they are especially suited to crafters, right? Anyway, with the cost and all the reviews not being stellar, I went with a Reliable brand iron. It had great reviews and at $99 bucks, it is the most expensive iron I "will have" ever owned. Not to mention, it is orange :) I wanted the one with the big tank thingy but figured, for the money, I needed to make sure of the quality before I drop the same as a car payment for it. I ordered it from Allbrands and am waiting patiently for it to arrive........ From everything I read when researching, Braun make a good iron too but I couldn't find one that would work in the US. Right now, I have put away my Shark iron that was good in the beginning but only lasted a year before it quit producing steam (well, occasionally it would spit a little steam out. I do have hard water so I should probably get distilled water or at least boil some.) And the auto shut off, grrrrrrr! It wouldn't stay on for any length of time. So, currently, my Sunbeam Steam Master is back out. At least he still steams and the auto shut off is 1000 times better on it. It heats back up quickly and that helps.

Maybe this will help someone else out there :)

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