March 31, 2011

A Little About Me, A Little About You

I decided to try to do the ALAM,ALAY from luvinthemommyhood's blog. It sounded fun!

Making : Cloth dolls and a zippered pouch for a friend to hold her art supplies
Cooking : hot dogs in the microwave (no, I'm not proud of that one, LOL!)

Drinking : coffee

Reading: luvinthemommyhood

Wanting: a pro embroidery machine

Looking: NCIS

Playing: Last FM
time wishing I had more of it (ditto)
Sewing: a quilt, hemming pants for my Dad, dolls

Wishing: I could be at home more

Enjoying: that we were able to buy the girls a big playset this year 

Waiting: I don't know what for honestly

Liking: online shopping therapy 
Wondering: why I can't seem to get started "doing" instead of spending so much time "preparing"

Loving: that my 4 yr old DD still sneaks in the middle of the night to snuggle with me

: that one day, I'll get "it" all together

Marvelling: at how quickly my girls can mess up my just cleaned house (ditto) and that they think the best way to deal with anything is to throw it in the floor
Needing: to get away for a chance to figure out how to unwind-haven't been able to really do that since the birth of my 1st child > 8 yrs ago

Smelling: my cup of coffee with the mocha caramel creamer

Wearing: sweatpants and t-shirt, both a size too big. They rock!

Following: not much really, lately just trying to learn more about photography for my Etsy pics

Noticing: that I yell too much with absolutely no results

Knowing: I am kinda bummed and in a funk which isn't a normal state of mind for me

Thinking: perhaps my hormones are getting into the spirit of April Fool's Day

Bookmarking: Etsy and photography tutorials. I still can't figure out how to use aperture in my digital camera
Opening: my mind?
Giggling: over Zeva making fun of Denozo and McGee on NCIS
Feeling: useless and over stretched

Well that was a little more self discovery than anyone cared to hear! LOL!

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  1. Thanks for joining in. i'm right there with ya on the hormones, I'm in the same boat. At least we aren't suffering alone right? Hope tomorrow is a better day for ya :)