October 05, 2010

Well, now I am completely confused!

I thought I wanted one of the top of the line Brother embroidery machines because of the sewing capability with the embroidery unit attached. Now I think I may want a pro machine. Even if I can sew with the unit attached, I will still have to change the presser foot, etc. So I could use the Baby Lock Ellure ESL as my sewing machine. Not bad but my mechanical Janome is a stronger machine but the drift of the auto up/down of an extra stitch, really messes me up when I am trying to be precise. I need a strong machine with some nice features and a pro embroidery machine. Not asking much am I? LOL! BTW, I ordered Monogram Wizard Plus so I need to do the Craft Fair at the Civic Center to help fund it all. Wish me luck!!!

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